Teenage Safety




This is an six week course that can be conducted at your house or another venue. It is best to have a group of 6-8 friends to work together. The first part is based on awareness and controlling distance through verbal and physical barriers. The second part is the solutions for worse case scenarios and how to escape these situations.

I think having this knowledge is a vital part of a teenagers education and will put them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

The course should be seen as insurance policy for your most loved family members, that hopefully won’t ever need to be used.

The cost is £23 per student per hour

Please contact Simon on siyeo@aol.com or call 0n 07860 343075 if you require more information.


You protect a lot of your assets at great expense. Why doesn’t it make sense to give your most precious people the ability to avoid trouble and if necessary, defend themselves?

Consider it an Insurance policy for the ones you love.